Some Cool Advices On Papercraft

Bunting is a very simple and easy way to decorate at many different types of parties and events. You will find that it is cheaper to make paper bunting than it is to buy it and it is a fun craft project for the whole family! Bunting looks great when hung in the garden for BB’s and picnics. It also works really well as wall d├ęcor in nurseries and children’s rooms.

You will need the following items to make your own bunting: A5 coloured/patterned paper, ribbon, double sided sticky tape, pencil, ruler and scissors/guillotine.

Have your A5 paper in the portrait position and reverse side up. Measure along the bottom edge of the paper and make a mark with your pencil at the halfway point. Using your ruler you need to line up the bottom mark with the top left corner and draw a line. Do the same for the top right corner. You should then have a triangle on your paper. Cut along these lines with your scissors or guillotine.

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